[Reader Mailbag:] India, the US, and Elections

Yesterday, I sent part one of my responses to questions that you, my readers, sent. Today we explore elections, prosperous opportunities in Israel, and more.

As promised here are the rest of my answers to the Q&A forum. Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments by clicking here.

Please be sure to check out the note from my Publisher at the end of this Prophecy.

Now, for your questions…

Are you predicting that Trump will win the 2020 election? -Elaine A.

My Response: I believe he will win if he does not throw the world economy into deep recession through pursuing his gratuitous and unwinnable trade war and technology disruption.

What is the best vehicle to purchase promising Indian tech stocks? I personally believe that India might offer a huge opportunity considering the so many talents thriving there. -Georges B.

My Response: There are several ETFs focusing on Indian companies. But perhaps the best ones are in the US: Microsoft under Satya Nadella and Google under Sundar Picchai, both of Indian extraction.

It would be very helpful as we build a portfolio based on Gilder Report and Moonshots to know what the target number of positions is anticipated (i.e. 15, 20?). Lastly, how are you suggesting position risk limits? I.e. If a position goes south in a big way, are you going to comment when to exit or suggest stop loss percentages? -Paul D.

My Response: We will post weekly alerts relevant to our recommendations. The George Gilder Report and Moonshots aim for a monthly schedule and include at least one new recommendation in each one. I cannot give personalized investment advice as each reader faces a different situation.

What do you think is the possibility that our president will put us back on the gold standard if he’s reelected? -Ron R.

My Response: I think that a digital gold standard will happen regardless of the President’s decisions. The existing monetary system is headed toward a crisis, and many countries, led by China and India, are piling up gold reserves. Many of the world’s central banks are already exploring digital currencies. My prediction is that cryptocurrencies will succeed to the extent that they combine the flexibility and fungibility of digital monies with the enduring time-value of gold.

What are your thoughts if Netanyahu either loses the elections, or is found guilty of his alleged crimes? -Terry F.

My Response: I think Netanyahu will negotiate a unity government with his rival Benny Gantz. The last unity government, in 1985, saved Israel from socialism and runaway inflation. The new unity government will be securely capitalist and dedicated to the defense of Israel.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy


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