Productivity Abound – Even During Leisure

When you are writing a daily prophecy five times a week – while shepherding content for The George Gilder Report, Gilder’s Moonshots, and conferences as well – your basic problem becomes what the heck to do with the rest of your time.

After all, there are only so many hours in a week I can devote to praying for President Trump to come to his senses on technology trade. There are only so many hours to apply to the details of fashioning debating fireworks for the COSM Tech Summit in Seattle October 23-25, where believe it or not, many tech speakers say they actually relish the trade war. I’ll have to take care of them. And there are only so many hours I can spend sleeping.

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So I’ve been traipsing off to Vegas to vamp at Porter Stansberry’s conference about the promise of the Cryptocosm, and I’ll be gadding off to China again to serve as a “useful idiot” for Chinese Communists. So claim my critics, who are unpersuaded by the prospect that the recent Chinese publication of Wealth and Poverty will make a supply sider of Xi Jinping.

My Chinese investment secret: For all his political faults, Chairman Xi already is a supply sider. He is more positive toward technology and entrepreneurship than Trump administration critics who regard face-recognition on streets and in airports as a pernicious “surveillance state.”

Personally, I prefer remote photography to being molested by TSA agents in US airports. Banning US chips for SenseTime, iFlytek, and other superb Chinese AI companies, as the US is doing, excludes US technology from the world’s leading companies and markets in the field. It also damages some of our leading businesses. The result will be to relegate us further behind China in these crucial AI capabilities.

In any case, it will ignite debate at COSM.

Meanwhile, my solution for sopping up my extra time is to get up early on weekend mornings and run in road, trail, and hill races.

Runner’s Tech Gets a Much-Needed Boost

At 79, I find my competition has been thinning out, so I return from my 10K, 5K, or half-marathons laden with over-seventy age-group laurels. Sometimes I also limp in with sore Achilles tendons and occasionally I suffer from pangs in my knees.

I am pushed on by the constant advances in running technology, such as the amazingly motivational Garmin Forerunner watch (GRMN). The Forerunner faithfully reports the statistics of every mile I run, the altitude of every hill I climb, every beat of my heart (44 at rest), and even my VO2 Max — the volume of oxygen my lungs can absorb (also 44 at its peak).

I know there are many other athletic monitor watches, but Apple is distracted with trade conflicts and Garmin’s satellite prowess benefits them all.

The real secret of my success, however, is those knees — both mine and everyone else’s. Whenever I ask one of my previously worthy rivals why they have dropped from the ranks, they point with a shrug toward their knees. “Nothing to do,” they say. “I’m taking up yoga.”

When you hear mention of “runner’s knee,” it refers not to the marvels of this feisty and sinuous joint, but to its inexorable fragility.

That brings me to a company down the Massachusetts Turnpike in Bedford called Anika Therapeutics (ANIK).

Anika is the first company with a serious remedy for knee problems, called TACTOSET. It actually promises to repair defects in the knee by a relatively simple injection.

Solve the knee issues and millions of baby boomer runners can continue their life-enhancing and life-extending exertions on into their ever-lengthening retirements. I’ll have some healthy competition at last and most importantly, the time prices of running prowess will diminish with all the other goods and services.

Already, Anika has a record of many successes in tendon and joint care. So if the TACTOSET product works at all, it will be a blockbuster (and I’ll start losing age-group races again). But at least I’ll enjoy the camaraderie and the new investing horizons.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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