Capitalism is an Information and Learning System

I share my paradigm-shifting theory of capitalism in my book, Knowledge and Power.

Many of my Daily Prophecies are based off of the ideas found in my book.

And during my lecture with The Heritage Foundation hosted by David Burton, I go into further detail on these ideologies.

You see, “many free market advocates view capitalism as a system as dominated by incentives, with economic agents treated as inhabitants of a Skinner box driven by rewards and punishments.

But, in fact, capitalism is an information and learning system governed by information as entrepreneurial surprise.

Wealth is knowledge; growth is learning; money is real and reflects the abiding scarcity of time.

The source of all progress is human creativity, which always comes as a surprise to us, joining information and enterprise.”

You can watch my lecture by clicking here. Or you can simply click on the image below.

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George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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