Emergency Market Update – Part 3: Gilder’s Take on Coronavirus Panic

As coronavirus fears and oil price shocks rocked the markets this week, we’ve been turning to our expert analysts to hear their take on the mayhem.

On Monday, macroeconomic analyst Graham Summers provided a much-needed dose of reality about the coronavirus. In case you missed it, here’s the link to that call.

Then on Tuesday, we encouraged you to listen in to James Altucher’s latest podcast. He broke down the economics of the virus, why the markets fell, and how he thinks this will impact the election.

And senior analysts for The Altucher Alliance, Bob Byrne and Tim Collins explained how the market landscape has changed, what to expect in the near future, and what you should be doing right now to take advantage.

Today I want to continue our emergency coverage with our resident futurist, George Gilder.

As usual, George is approaching the situation from a completely different angle.

He relates the virus panic to the research of Nobel Prize winner Thomas Schelling, author of the book Micromotives and Macrobehavior.

In short, slight changes in everyone’s behavior and ideas – as long as the changes are similar – can have huge effects.

Sound familiar?

To hear my conversation with George, click the image below. You’ll be taken to our website where you can listen in.


We’re not done yet! Tomorrow we hear from 10-time trading champion, Chuck Hughes.


Doug Hill

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