A COVID-19 Rundown: Part 3

We’ve reached our final update in our special “COVID-19 Rundown” series. If you missed them, here’s part one and here is part two.

You see, we’ve been analyzing this Swiss Report on the coronavirus.

It shares numerous key findings to date, and it entirely supports the position of the Daily Prophecy that the lockdown is vastly more destructive than the virus. Today, we’ll be looking at expert interviews regarding the virus.

I hope you enjoyed this series! Tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming here at Gilder’s Daily Prophecy.

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  • Stanford professor John Ioannidis explains in an interview with CNN that COVID-19 is a “widespread and mild disease“ comparable to influenza (flu) for the general population, while patients in nursing homes and hospitals should receive extra protection.
  • Stanford professor Scott Atlas explains in an interview with CNN that “the idea of having to stop COVID-19 has created a catastrophic health care situation.“ Professor Atlas says that the disease is “generally mild“ and that irrational fears had been created. He adds that there is “absolutely no reason“ for extensive testing in the general population, which is only necessary in hospitals and nursing homes. Professor Atlas wrote an article at the end of April entitled “The data are in – Stop the panic and end total isolation“ that received over 15,000 comments.
  • Epidemiologist Dr Knut Wittkowski explains in a new interview that the danger of COVID-19 is comparable to an influenza and that the peak was already passed in most countries before the lockdown. The lockdown of entire societies was a “catastrophic decision” without benefits but causing enormous damage. The most important measure is the protection of nursing homes. According to Dr. Wittkowski, Bill Gates‘ statements on COVID-19 are “absurd“ and “have nothing to do with reality.” Dr. Wittkowski considers a vaccination against COVID-19 “not necessary“ and the influential COVID-19 model of British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson a “complete failure.”
  • German virologist Hendrik Streeck explains the final results of his pioneering antibody study. Professor Streeck found a COVID-19 lethality of 0.36%, but explains that this is an upper limit and the lethality is probably in the range of 0.24-0.26% or even below. The average age of test-positive deceased was approximately 81 years.
  • Biology professor and Nobel Prize winner Michael Levitt, who has been analyzing the spread of COVID-19 since February, describes the general lockdown as a “huge mistake“ and calls for more targeted measures, especially to protect risk groups.
  • The emeritus microbiology professor Sucharit Bhakdi explains in a new German interview that politics and the media have been conducting an “intolerable fear-mongering“ and an “irres­pon­sible disinformation campaign.” According to professor Bhakdi, face masks for the general population are not needed and may in fact be harmful “germ catchers.” The current crisis was brought about by the politicians themselves and has little to do with the virus, he argues, while a vaccine against coronavirus is “unnecessary and dangerous,” as was already the case with swine flu. The WHO has “never taken responsibility for its many wrong decisions over the years,” professor Bhakdi adds. (Note: The video was temporarily deleted by YouTube.)
  • The Swiss chief physician for infectiology, Pietro Vernazza, explains in a new interview that the COVID-19 disease is “mild for the vast majority of people.” The “counting of infected people and the call for more tests” would not help much. In addition, most of the people listed in the corona statistics did not die solely from COVID-19. According to Dr. Vernazza, there is no evidence for the benefit of face masks in people who do not show symptoms themselves (archive).


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