Republican Governors May Have Saved the US Economy

What is happening to my old friend and colleague Dr. Scott Gottlieb?

Once the learned author of my Biotech Report, he went on to become the most acclaimed Chairman of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ever. He retired last year and joined the board of Pfizer.

Now he’s going on television warning against a revival of COVID-19. Pointing to spikes and flurries of new cases in early-opening states, the eminent doctor advises us to don masks and social distance and generally make fools of ourselves like him.

Protest if we must, but hunker down and hide from the virus.

At the same time, Bloomberg sent out a baseball team of reporters to scrutinize states that opened up early — like Texas, Arizona, and Georgia. They found many dangerous and portentous signs.

Hey, could these reports be right? Is it a matter of sacrificing lives for dollars as the lockdown doomsters declare?

Stockman Weighs in

Not according to David Stockman, President Reagan’s budget director and statistical virtuoso, who has parsed the numbers with his inimitable panache.

Stockman thinks that Gottlieb’s claims are so entirely mendacious that he must be pimping for Pfizer and its impending vaccine.

I think this is a libel. Gottlieb is supremely qualified to serve on the Big Pharma’s board. He doesn’t have to resort to machinations to justify his role.

But Stockman’s presentation of the numbers in his blog is unimpeachable. And he points to a “whole camarilla of current and former health officials… peddling the hoary tale that coronavirus is some kind of horror flick monster: It purportedly just keeps springing up from its lockdown grave — whack-a-mole fashion — the instant officialdom relaxes its quarantine edicts.”

In a scrupulous presentation of the data, Stockman shows that to the contrary the early opening states have the best records in controlling the virus. William Briggs predicted the camarilla whack-a-mole mendacity weeks ago. The cited increases in numbers of cases are merely a result of increased testing as mandated by the Federal Government.

For example, Arizona’s 60% surge of cases, which provoked ululations on Bloomberg, merely reflects a 60 percent rise in tests. Meanwhile, the state’s death total is around one tenth the total in New York and one of the lowest in the world.

Similarly, the numbers from Georgia, Texas, Florida, South Dakota and other early opening states (call them free states) represent a supreme triumph of policy compared to the numbers from lockdown states — slave states like my own Maskachusetts, Illinois, and New York.

Cited with alarm by Gottleib, Texas’s case numbers per capita are about a third below even Arizona’s, and its mortality rate 57% points below Arizona’s. Texas’s mortality rate is only 5% of locked down New York State’s and 3% the rate of super locked-down New York City.

Today’s Prophecy

So why are Gottleib and the many “experts” quoted by Bloomberg ululating about the dangers of early opening?

No, they are not shilling for big pharma. They are saving face after supporting the most gigantic blunder in the history of American public policy. They cannot bear to acknowledge that they are implicated in an egregious scandal, along with all the still lock-brained governors and their lame-brained experts who are contriving a comedy of multi-phased micromanaged strip-tease openings across the country.

Collectively these establishment experts nearly destroyed the US economy and ravaged American cities with a fake racism crisis, while actually promoting the spread of the virus and exacerbating its death toll.

The Republican governors who dared open in the face of this phalanx of false expertise may have saved the US economy. They deserve acclaim, rather than stupid criticism.

Trump should apologize to Georgia governor Brian Kemp whom he perversely criticized and get ahead of the parade to freedom.

I prophesize the liberationist governors will be recognized as heroes, while the lock-down brigade of self-righteous pols will be seen as the bureaucratic poltroons they are.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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