Governmental Overreach is the Real Epidemic in America

I know some of you must be growing impatient with my complaints about the grotesque COVID-19 overreaction, which is ravaging lives across the country to fight a disease that scarcely raises overall mortality rates at all.

Check out the data, folks. Published on Amazon Kindle in former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson’s, “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns,” which shows that none of the mainstream accounts are even remotely true. Amazon at first refused to publish the book, but Elon Musk made a call to Jeff Bezos, and now it is available for our enlightenment and possible liberation in this dark time.

Thank you, Elon, who also should be thanked for brazenly defying the deranged California rules that would have closed down Tesla. It should be noted, however, that the rest of the non-virtualized California economy remains in the thrall of Governor Gavin Newsome and his nanny-state nincompoops.

But this is turning into a grumbling and grousing prophecy. You may well not want to read it, any more than I want to write it. But at the end, I make a heartfelt appeal to my readers. We all need liberation. There is absolutely no justification for any of the vastly extended reach of the regulatory healthcare state.

Howie Weighs In

The key fact for everyone to know is that mortality rates from all causes remain way below levels throughout nearly all previous human history. COVID is not unusual in any way, except that every virus has a different genetic signature.

But that doesn’t stop a reign of abdication and error by innumerate fools and healthcare prigs across the country. I enjoy running in the Boilermaker 15K road race and last year won in my over 75 age group (at 79). This year, however, the September 13 race has been made virtual (in other words cancelled) along with nearly all the other races and other outdoor athletic events across the country.

At age 80, I feel I am in my best shape ever. I am vain enough to want to race. But the world wants to hunker down over COVID.

I used to write my Daily Prophecy updates at the local Lenox Coffee Shop, often caffeinated by my daughter screenwriting-barista Nannina and her husband physicist-coffee roaster Joe Stearn. Or when travelling, I use the less personal ministrations of Starbucks.

These venues are now open only for takeout. Nearly all closed are airport Starbucks outlets, as are all my other favorite restaurants. Most independent restaurants around here are in jeopardy of going broke as a result of the cancellation of Tanglewood (a mostly outdoor music shed for the Boston Symphony Orchestra) and all other Berkshire County entertainments that sustain our local economy.

I am contemplating leaving the county. But I used to fly around the world on American Airlines, where my son Richard is an exec. American is nearly bankrupted by COVID.

But I know such kvetching is tiresome.

So, in this Daily Prophecy, I will quote heavily from the salty sarcasm of columnist/radio host Howie Carr of the Boston Herald, who has adopted my “Maskachusetts” moniker for my beloved state, now ruled by RINO Republican Governor Charlie Baker and a junta of healthcare pettifogs.

Howie Carr points out: “Of the 6,718 COVID-19 deaths [in the state], 4,180 — 62% — have occurred in the nursing homes that are the ‘most regulated businesses in the Commonwealth.’ But now the same corrupt, incompetent state government that stood by as thousands perished in the state’s nursing homes, now presumes to micromanage all of Massachusetts’ restaurants and lodging” under a series of “mandatory” micro-rules.

For example: “When possible, reservations or call ahead seating should be encouraged.”

Howie comments: “What a groundbreaking suggestion. Maybe the industry could, you know, set up a website, where people could, like, make reservations online. Call it something like… Open Table, maybe.”

Other mandatory advice: “Stagger staff meal and break times. Who would have ever thought of that one? Take notes carefully — these groundbreaking observations could be a future case study for the Harvard Business School.”

“Tables and chairs must be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between each seating… Prohibit lingering in common areas (e.g. waiting areas, bathrooms).” “No indoor service.” And so on and on and on, for a set of rules that would paralyze and stultify the entire industry.

Howie calls Baker “Tall Deval,” in an unfair reference to the previous Democratic governor Deval Patrick, who never committed anywhere near the egregious socialist overreach of so-called Republican Baker]. Last Friday, “Tall Deval was asked about the fact that his power-crazed junta is only giving the OK to outdoor dining, which is a problem for the 75% of state restaurants that don’t have any patio facilities…”

Hey, Baker is on the case. In his words: “One of the reasons for pursuing an outdoor strategy to begin with is to, that’s an easier and a simpler way for somebody to reintroduce themselves to dining.”

I could go on as Howie does. But you get the idea. These guys are demented.

Today’s Prophecy

My readers from “free states,” mostly in the South, might contemplate an invasion of the Northern “slave states” such as mine, and slave cities, such as Minneapolis, and Seattle, where my other key company partners reside. I have to visit these places frequently. Minneapolis and Seattle are totally in the grips of the viral new mania. Even in CHAZ, everyone wears a mask.

SOS! Where is President Trump when we need him? We want help up here!

David Stockman, though, points out that governmental overreach is the real epidemic in America, even accounting for much of the current criticism of the police. He points out that the some-300,000 Federal Laws and regulations result in constant onerous interactions with the police, for such offenses as selling a single cigarette at a time or trivial drug offenses, totaling some 10.3 million arrests in the US every year (excluding traffic offenses) and focused on obstreperous young men.

Investors are not exempt. The bulk of so called “investment” under SEC rules is now conducted by computer trading programs. I call it the outsider trading scandal and it is just as serious as the COVID-19 scandal for the long-term future of our economy.

But around here, in my monthlies and Moonshots, we work to get you the legal inside data and information from around the world that is the source of all profitable investment.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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