GilderFest: Coming to a Screen Near You

Every July in Las Vegas, the economist impressario Mark Skousen, runs an uproarious caucus and conference and film carnival called FreedomFest. This is where “free minds meet to celebrate ‘great books, great ideas, and great thinkers.’”

Hey we’ve had a cast of thousands — devoted to free speech and other shocking ideas — hearing out everyone from Glenn Beck to Paul Krugman, Rand Paul to Donald Trump, Peter Thiel to Steve Forbes, and Buzz Aldrin to John Stossel.

Writing books and thinking greatly, I’ve been going and speaking almost every year since it started. One of my most cherished moments was receiving the Leonard E. Read Freedom Book award for Knowledge and Power in 2013.

Even at my current venerable age, I look avidly forward to the rousing climactic dinner dance where I hope to go up on stage and let freedom ring again with tintinabulating Bitcoin Gal Naomi Brockwell.

This year Naomi and I were going to blow Vegas wide open again, making a covidiously fumigated FreedomFest the first major breakout conference of the year.

Scheduled for July 13-17 at Caesar’s Palace, somehow we failed to descry the grim graffiti on the golden dome.

Caesar’s Palace, we thought, was just a name. Guess we thought wrong…

Freedom During COVID?

There have been no Caesars in America since Sid, and he was a comedian.

But in Nevada, Caesar turns out to be an imperial Democrat named Steve Sisolak.

Like all imperial governors, sleek Caesarian Steve is reveling in the mandates, restrictions, and pettifoggery of covidious government.

In a state with three million people, the invertebrate pol professes to be panicked by some 4,000 new cases found in a week through a massive upsurge in testing bringing the total to 383,000 tests. He is mandating masks everywhere and shedding crocodile tears over a total of some 400 deaths nearly all of fogies like me, a 0.01 percent rate.

FreedomFest in the face of COVID-19? No way.

So rather than going to Nevada in July, I’m making my way to Seattle. There we are going to break open another effervescent session of the Gilder Fellows Seminar on Economics and Entrepreneurship, in an in-person and online medley.

It’s the information theory of economics: wealth as knowledge, growth as learning, and money as time.

We’ll have the pioneering Gale Pooley of time-price fame, best-selling author Jay Richards who is writing a book on COVID mania, blockbuster filmmaker Chris Rufo on homelessness and capitalism, and me to illuminate “Life After Capitalism” in the age of information.

Information is defined as surprise, and creativity is information. If it was not surprising we would not need it and socialism would work. We could have had the sessions in CHOP!

But as the Vegas folks are about to learn, as they face another Oceans 11 heist from Governor Sisolak and his $1.2 billion budget deficit, socialism is a drag.

(You can find all the GilderFest details here. Please note: This is not a Three Founder’s Publishing sponsored event.)

Best of all, this summer we’ll be open to all ages! The program — formerly reserved for students and young professionals — is going virtual and interactive. We’ll answer your questions and prophesize the world after COVID-19.

We are all learning once again that the hunger for power among pols is insatiable.

We can only hope that the hunger for freedom among Americans proves ultimately irrepressible.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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