[Video Prophecy] Behind the Scenes

Welcome back to your weekly Video Prophecy! Once again, I sat down with my Publisher Doug Hill and addressed some of your most burning questions.

As always, please send any feedback or questions you may have. If you’d like to submit a question to be featured in a future Video Prophecy, click here. And be sure to let me know if you enjoy this special video format!

In today’s video, we discuss:

  • How I met my team of seasoned analysts. As well as our history and experience together…
  • Why and how the ideas I share in The George Gilder Report influence the information you can find in my Moonshots service.
  • The best way to protect yourself during the current COVID economy…
  • And more!

To watch the video, you can click on the play button below.


Enjoy! And stay tuned for the next video in this series dropping next Friday where I sit back down with my Managing Editor…


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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