A Perilous Environment for Investors

FreedomFest, the global convention of free minds, annually held in Las Vegas, has been cancelled.

We had an “emergency meeting” online today. But it merely ratified and virtualized the lockdown.

Before the cancellation, Mark Skousen, the economist impresario in charge, had to move the event to Caesar’s Palace this year. He thought it was just a name.

Turns out that in the US we still have Caesars. They are called governors.

In Nevada, the Caesar is a Democratic pol named Steve Sisolak.

US Caesars are not exactly fascists. They are phasists, and in 2020 they are phasing out freedom in the US.

FreedomFest got caught in a phase shift by Sisolak.

We have one of these Caesars here in Massachusetts. He is a Republican phasist named Charlie Baker.

We’re now in phase two of reopening our economy, moving back toward phase one in an Alice-in-Wonderland bureaucracy where the faster we move the slower we go.

Now, the question arises: Is a country that cannot accommodate FreedomFest still free?

The COVID Myth

Face it folks, if you have to wear a mask you are not free. Freedom is a property of individuals with faces, not people hiding out behind masks.

My mother just had her 102nd birthday party. That means she was born in 1918, the year of the Spanish Flu, when life expectancy in the US was 36 years for men and 42 years for women, down some 20 percent from the year before.

Almost every year of her life, life expectancy has risen in the US. In 2020, it is roughly 81 years for women, 76 years for men.

She has a hard time understanding why they have to close down the economy in 2020… when in 1918 they left it mostly open while 50 million people died around the world of Spanish Flu.

The overall death rate from all causes in the US this year is roughly three million. COVID represents around 3.7 percent of that, with an average age of death at 82, higher than the average for all deaths.

Leaving out the big killers heart disease and cancer, there are still far more deaths from AIDS and diabetes and kidney disease than from COVID 19.

But as a result of the global lockdown depression, the UN projects deaths from starvation in the Third World at 260 million, many of them children. These new phasists should understand that business is not some optional function. It is what keeps people alive.

You close down the world economy and the bottom fifth of the earners living on the margin fall into jeopardy for their lives.

According to polls, the American people don’t grasp this fact. They take wealth for granted and are willing to give up their freedom in response to the liturgies of a new religion. Replacing theocracy is therapocracy, under chief priest Anthony Fauci.

People who don’t believe in God worship their bodies and believe in the magic of healthcare Caesarism. In contrast to some other religions, under therapocracy both men and women have to cover their faces.

An Economy at Risk

In the US today, we no longer have a constitutional republic or even a democracy.

Our rulers are doctors and lawyers in a strange alliance. The doctors control the pols and the lawyers sue the doctors and the pols. Mobs dominate the streets in what can be termed an ochlocracy.

The law is no longer a predictable framework for justice and commerce. It is an unpredictable weapon for lawyers to wield against everyone else. The Supreme Court apparently just gave back half of Oklahoma to the Indians on the basis of some obscure textual séance by Neil Gorsuch.

Money has become an instrument of expropriation by pols and central banks in a hypertrophy of finance, with $6.7 trillion dollars a day worth of currency trading, some 70 times all trade in goods and services, while real trade shrinks.

Cancellation of freedom creates a perilous environment for investors.

This prophecy is going to have to go back on the road to find new opportunities around the world, from Silicon Valley and Israel to Asia and even Africa. Watch for moonshots ahead.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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