Memory Chip Momentum: We’re Along for the Ride

The memory chip cycle will be with us always, but there’s good reason to think that over the next few years the cycles will be mere oscillations in a rising secular trend.

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The George Gilder Report is a monthly newsletter dedicated to uncovering little-known investment opportunities that are tied to emerging technology trends.

The founder of the letter, George Gilder, has an uncanny ability to predict technology megatrends years before they became mainstream news — along with the companies best positioned to benefit.

Now, while this newsletter was founded recently (in June 2019), it actually boasts quite a fascinating history.

You see, Gilder is no stranger to the newsletter industry.

In the ‘90s, he published a similar letter called the Gilder Technology Report, where he used his predictive talents to help readers position themselves in advance of these upcoming trends.

Well, lucky for us, George has decided to return.

In the pages of The George Gilder Report, he wants to once again provide his wisdom and predictive abilities to readers.

And he’s more excited than ever about the megatrends he’s identifying, and the investment opportunities that are emerging alongside them.


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