[Video Prophecy] Zeroing in on “Radiation Mutagenesis”

Below you’ll find a snippet from a Video Prophecy that I did with my Publisher, Doug Hill.

In the video he asks me “Can you expound on radio mutagenesis and why 5G isn’t a health threat?”

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“5G” — fifth generation wireless, according to your so-called “techno-utopian futurist,” check it out on Wiki — is one of those technologies that jangle runaway health-alarms and fibrillate all heartbeats sensitive to futurist hype.

But with all its cornucopian cell towers, millions of tiny Multiple-Input/Multiple-Output (MIMO) antennas, tinier millimeter wavelengths, and fevered frequencies up to 60 gigahertz — not to mention its egregious costs, 12 times current LTE — what it has trouble doing is delivering a signal over more than 100 feet.

Hey folks, it would even have trouble bearing up under an infectious load of COVID-19! But some people cower in fear of 5G-borne disease all the way from China!

5G is challenged to excite a power amplifier in a smartphone on the edge of a cell. Overcoming the blood-brain barrier and cellular lipid bilayers is beyond it.

Amplifying infinitesimal pico-farad signal energies at a receiver is the leading technical problem in wireless, making companies like Skyworks and Qorvo rich selling devices that can even detect the presence of 5G.

Meanwhile, the same people terrified of 5G signals, happily lie on beaches bathing in millions of times more mutagenic power from the ultraviolet violence of rays from the midday sun.

As COVID-19 shows, if people want to fear something, nothing can stop them.

Let me try once more, though. The ultimate test of the health impact of a new technology is the longevity of people who use it. During the period that people in advanced countries adopted cell phones, their life spans increased some ten years. Across countries, the curve of smartphone adoption and the curve of longevity improvement is almost identical. The more electromagnetic emissions in a country, the longer its people live (hey, even sunlight is good for you!).

A better case could be made that 5G signals will improve human lifespans through hormesis (exercising cells) than the case that these signals will impair health through mutagenesis (changing genetic codes in cells).

Today’s Prophecy

The real threat of 5G is its dependence on a ubiquitous deployment of an internet-of-things, connecting cars, hospital equipment, watches, heart monitors, factory floors, malls, ships, and power grids. Unless the Internet-of-Things is successfully integrated with the security of distributed blockchains and radiation-hard chips, it will render our society widely vulnerable to hacking, electromagnetic pulse, and other breakdowns.

That’s why I believe the main wireless technology for the next era is not 5G but WiFi6. WiFi6 is in unlicensed bands and will summon the creativity of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. They will even master the security challenges before the big telcos will.

5G is restricted to exclusively licensed and auctioned spectrum owned by the telecom establishment and regulated heavily by the government.

As I predicted correctly more than two decades ago, I prophesy today that most of the action will migrate toward the sharply expanded unlicensed domains of the spectrum used by WiFi, Bluetooth, and other less hyped and heralded innovations than 5G.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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