The Success of Tesla Depends on True Science [Part 2]

As the world’s leading post-capitalist company, Elon Musk’s Tesla has geared itself into “cheetah stance” and is speeding into Life After Capitalism.

That’s the real world, where wealth is knowledge, growth is learning, and money is time.

Giving the lie to parasitical politicians smearing industrialists as “billionaire” parasites, greedy for things, Musk no longer even owns a house. A house, he says, is an “attack vector” where his enemies can converge.

With “Gigafactories” in Shanghai, Grimheide, Freemont — and soon in Austin — with supply chains around the globe, Tesla hardly has a nation any more. He already has declared independence from the state of covidia and its governor Gavin Newsom, who in the interests of his “health and safety” tried to shut down his factory.

Like Fred Smith of Federal Express, with his thousands of workers in Wuhan — none of whom got really sick — Musk knew from the beginning that COVID was trivial. With 7,000 workers in China and a serpentine supply chain, “zero people died. We know. We run payroll. But every year, several hundred thousand people die of the flu.”

He’s defying the Washington illusion that the economy is like “some magic horn of plenty, like it just makes stuff… the goods and services just come out, and then if somebody has more stuff than somebody else it’s because they took more from this magic horn of plenty.”

“Now let me break it to the fools out there,” he told interviewer Joe Rogan, “If you don’t make stuff there’s no stuff out there. The machine just grinds to a halt.”

With SpaceX and its unique reusable rockets and Martian mystique, Musk may not even have a favored home planet. With his AI singularity and next year “neuralinks,” he thinks talking to ordinary humans, with our 100 bits per second data rate, will soon be like “talking to a tree.”

Beyond capitalism, Musk inhabits the information theory of economics, pushing beyond the daily news and manipulation to the deeper truths of time and value. A Tesla is less a complex thing than a complex skein of thought.

Today’s Prophecy

That thought is not a mere car. It is a venture in computational biology, energy, transportation, neuroscience and industry that can be summed up as a system of the world and a religious vision of the universe.

Hey, it’s largely wrong. But its products bear the magic of entrepreneurial speed, learning, and technical prowess.

How is this possible? It is possible because engineering is truth and it trumps fake science and philosophy every time.

These automobiles are a blend of materials: lithium, titanium, boron, copper, nickel, silicon, and carbon black, among many other elements, some of which are rare earths, scarce and hoarded by China. Many of the materials are apparently running out. Across global markets, prices tell the story.

How can such a car be treated as mere information, best defined by information theory? Logarithmic bits and bytes anchored in ground states and truth tables of factuality and surprisal, noise and news.

To read most analysts, Tesla vehicles are a financial vehicle driving toward a monetary yield impelled by a balance sheet battery. Gauging Tesla as a company are price-earnings ratios, assets and liabilities, profits and losses.

Surely, cars are material contrivances measured by the costs of the elements they combine and the energy used to build and run them. Appraising them in a modern capitalist economy are relativistic financial metrics.

The metrics are no more.

More on this in tomorrow’s prophecy…


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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