Taking the Mask Off of Money at Coingeek 2020

If wealth is knowledge and growth is learning, can ignorance be bliss?

Here I am off for some virtual, international, ZOOM-festive, Coingeek-hackathon deep in the communized cenotaph of Manhattan, with a head-full of investment “facts” and mathematical fancies — and I find I know nothing.

I’ve lost the code to the Cryptocosm and the map of the country. Both my cars —my 2012 Ford Fusion and my wife’s 2008 Subaru — died within two days, for all I know “with COVID.” Luckily, Coingeek is sending me a limo to take me directly to the site. But it may be perilous for my digestive track. For my “safety and protection,” they’ve closed most of the rest rooms between me and New York and most of the restaurants in the rotten apple.

I’d be better off like Bill Bonner — my new favorite writer — quarantined on a ranch in Argentina, writing like a man with a new angelic muse whispering to him the secrets of the spheres. Bonner sure has the key to the American boomer boomerang (insert link to “Boomer Elite Faces Day of Reckoning”).

Life After Capitalism? Give me a break. I don’t know life after lunch.

After a year reveling in my Vanity Fair laurels as “Hollywood’s Original Gangster Futurist,” my Chinese Life After Google best-seller breakthrough, my information theory of economics, and my age group record laurels at the Utica Boilermaker 15K road race — I find I am as dumb as a dimocrat mayor.

I don’t know “new monetary theory,” COVID-19 panic protocol, “structural racism” (heck, I said racism was over in 1970; I’ve never even met a racist in a significant position of power). I can’t even fathom my “white privilege” in an economy where nearly every Asian immigrant group out-earns whites (look it up). Even Caribbean black immigrants out-earn whites, last I looked.

I thought I was in the WASP patriciate. Back in the days when comedians were legal, they once told “Polish jokes.” But today even Poles (many of them Jewish I suspect) way out-earn WASPs in America.

I’m so dumb I can’t even understand how I am threatened by a disease that can only be detected by a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test with a billionfold multiplier. The new academic expertise is just too deep for my dendrites. I don’t even know enough to wear a mask on a mountaintop run or on a beach in the sun. Heck, I can’t wear a mask for more than a minute or so without feeling sick.

Where is Kary Mullis when we really need him? Nobel winning PCR inventor and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s lifelong nemesis, Mullis died last year just before COVID. But he left us his autobiography, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, filled with just-in-time crucial wisdom about modern day academic experts: “parasites with degrees in economics or sociology who couldn’t get a good job in the legitimate advertising industry… scientists in lab coats [awarded] the same faith we once reserved for priests… We have turned [scientists] into something almost as bad as lawyers.”

“It’s the age of Chicken Little… We have been grossly misinformed… by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for $1 billion a year. And the more we pay these bastards the longer they will be in business and the more damage they can do in the name of saving us from ourselves.”

Anyway, Mullis can’t save us now. So I am bringing my show to communist, Blas-phemous, and covidious New York, where I will keynote and fireside-chat at Coingeek 2020.

Welcome to New York

Here I will preen and prophesy with “Satoshi” Craig Wright, the Original Gangster Coingeek who is running the conference after launching a new release of his “Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.”

BSV addresses most of the scaling problems, feature defects and open source forking gaffes of the original Bitcoin as it morphed into manifold quasi-monies. I’ll be judging the finals of a Bitcoin SV hackathon with three luminous new companies that could have been chapters in Life After Google, “connecting the world on one chain.”

In Life After Google, I called for micropayments as a remedy for the morass of unwanted Internet advertising. I demanded unique IDs based on public and private crypto keys. And I explained the need for human enablement of machine learning, where all the crucial insights come from the humans defining and preparing the data for AI algorithms.

One finalist, KYRT, integrates microtransactions into subscribe events in some two thousand aps, thus obviating the “minuses.” Another finalist, RepZip, puts impregnable identity on chain, linking the physical to the digital world with public and private keys. Then, STOTASK ingeniously addresses the problem of classifying data for machine learning through “metanet” data structuring by humans.

It’s will be a gas, this trip, laced with CO2, crypto, masks, Starbucks caffeine, elliptical curve hashing algorithms, panache, Merkle Trees, Old Vine Zin, and New York masked figures outside the window of my suite.

As I did in the last Coingeek in London, I will explain the role of Satoshi’s blockchain invention as a “unity” addressing both sides of the twofold crisis of the world economy: the collapse of Internet security and the scandal of money.

How can you tell that a paradigm has failed? Kary Mullis would understand. The more money you spend the worse the results.

With multiplying billions of breaches amid vastly expanded spending on computer “safety and security,” we cannot trust anyone or anything on the net, even the servers and switches, TikTok temptations, Facebook timelines, WeChat wallets, Biden promises, Google searches, face recognizers, Amazon cloud services, and Border Gateway Protocol shuffles. On the “entities list” with Iranian nukes and biowar pathogens go the slant-eyed backdoor routers from Huawei (though Huawei gear is full of American chips and is based on US standards).

Today’s Prophecy

We imagine the threat to our technology is China. But it’s Washington (and Sacramento) that are suing, fining, manipulating and probing our leading corporations into the ground.

Meanwhile, money is running wild. Every three years, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) totes up the damage.

In December 2019, BIS reported that the daily level of currency trading has increased some 30% in three years, to $6.6 trillion every 24 hours. That’s some 70 times all the trade in goods and services.

Out of it, what we get are trade wars and monetary conflicts. It’s a scandal.

The new architecture for the internet and the world economy, fixing the porous internet and Ponzi money, is the blockchain. Even Xi Jinping understands that, believe it or not, and the Chinese are moving way ahead while we condemn Facebook’s Libra as a monopoly threat.

Blockchain still can provide a bottoms-up ground state and new foundation for world commerce and personal data. Let us hope that Coingeek 2020 achieves its goal.

Craig Wright and I are both original gangsters and each of us have a personal vision of real money.

Is it a commodity? Or a measuring stick for all commodities? Is it time or is it trust? That’s a philosophical issue for Coingeek 2020.

I believe that as good as the new Bitcoin is for many purposes, it cannot be real money as long as it is capped at 21 million units. Money is tokenized time. It must be immutable as time but also as elastic as the imagination of entrepreneurs and their financiers. Let’s hope we can take the mask off money at Coingeek 2020.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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