COVID Update: It’s Not All Bad News

As usual, William Briggs has hit the mark when it comes to the reality we’re facing with the coronavirus.

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It’s not all bad news, though there is plenty of that. There are also bright spots.

First is Trump beating the doom. And then tweeting telling people not to fear. This will cause relexitarians, who take the opposite of whatever Trump says as gospel, to fear. The souls of these people are (mostly) lost anyway.

Florida released their fear and the Michigan Supreme Court quashed Governor Whitmer’s forever-extended State of Emergency. There hasn’t been anything even resembling an emergency for months. That didn’t stop her from declaring one because, presumably, she was in the mood.

The Mises folks now see that “cases” aren’t cases, which I have been screaming about forever: The Absurdity of Covid “Cases.”

If you — yes, you, dear reader — are saying “cases”, correct yourself. Say “tests” and “we don’t even know if they’re symptomatic.”

China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign (read all this, not just snippet):

International COVID-19 hysteria began around Jan. 23, when “leaked” videos from Wuhan began flooding international social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — all of which are blocked in China — allegedly showing the horrors of Wuhan’s epidemic and the seriousness of its lockdown. Viral videos claimed to show residents spontaneously collapsing in the streets in scenes likened to the movie Zombieland and the show The Walking Dead. One video purportedly showed a SWAT team catching a man with a butterfly net for removing his mask. But in hindsight, this crisis theater is somewhat comical; in the infamous video, the “spontaneously collapsing” man extends his arms to catch himself.

This is good news because I well recall many of us on the right — never mind the left — bought these Chinese idiocies. Every new “leaked” video had many frogs tweeting “Here we go!” almost taking delight at how bad things were becoming.

All efforts to calm the reactions were for naught. At first, anyway. It took months to calm the nervousness so that I could see this for what it was.

Bad News

There is much, but I’ll give you only one, which I think is worst.

Shoot up: Medical Journal Calls For Mandatory COVID Vaccine: “Non-Compliance Should Incur A Penalty”

“[T]he elderly, health professionals working in high-risk situations or working with high-risk patients…persons with certain underlying medical conditions,” as well as those in “high-density settings such as prisons and dormitories” should be mandated to get the jab, the paper says.

How quickly and with ease they move to mandated.

Update: Professor Neil Ferguson, the individual responsible for the DISASTROUS computer model which led to global financial collapse, is now heading up the modelling for “VACCINE IMPACTS.”

Flu Warning!

We’re just entering the cold and flu season. And why, dear reader, is it “the” season? Because healthy people hunker down together inside to stay warm and end up spreading the bug. Coincidentally, this locking down is the same “solution” hit upon by many governments to restrain the coronadoom. Strange, then, that it didn’t work, given our government is advised by experts.

My great fear is that since the testing is so sensitive and is at double plus good insane levels and only growing, cases of the common cold (caused in part by coronaviruses) and the flu will be classed as coronadoom this fall and winter.

It’s clear many want to keep the crisis going, and are looking for any excuse to do so. Colds & flu will be ideal for them to exploit, if they are of a mind.

The “good” news about this ploy, as far as we’re concerned, is that it will be harder to claim deaths were of the doom, since many of the most vulnerable were already carried off.

But I cannot stress enough how idiotic levels of increased testing can and will make things seem worse than they are.

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-William Briggs


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

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