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George GilderGeorge Gilder

George Gilder is the most knowledgeable man in America when it comes to the future of technology — and its impact on our lives.

He’s an established investor, writer, and economist with an uncanny ability to foresee how new breakthroughs will play out, years in advance.

And he’s certainly no stranger to the financial newsletter world. Gilder — throughout the distribution of his heralded newsletter — the Gilder Technology Report, racked up impressive triple- and even quadruple-digit gains for readers.

Then 10 years ago, he retired and shut the door on newsletter industry.

Now he’s back. And he’s ready to once again share his insights, ideas, and predictions for the future.

If you think the future will look anything like 2019, with companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix dominating the market, you’re dead wrong.

He believes something bigger and more radical has just started to take hold — not only in the American economy… but around the globe.

The True 5G Revolution

5G, or fifth generation wireless technology, is often depicted as the route to the internet of things (IoT), autonomous automobiles, internet virtual reality, battlefield AI, and new security models. There is only one crucial issue in wireless and 5G: Whether the US continues to allocate exclusive bands of spectrum to the winners of the bandwidth auction.

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Proof of Life in our Favorite Zip Code

In the coming decade, the hardware arms race will only escalate; the drive for faster circuits will not slacken but intensify. Especially promising — and threatening to once-great US companies that may not keep up — is the accelerating demand for exotic function chips, including hybrids combining silicon with other materials.

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